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  • Give Customers More Reasons to Shop Your Store

    montage of different store gift cards
Propane grill

Blue Rhino Propane: America’s No. 1 propane exchange brand makes it super easy for consumers to get the propane they need for backyard grilling. Every tank is cleaned, leak-tested, inspected, and delivered to stores. It’s easy for consumers to swap out empty tanks for full ones. Having a Blue Rhino Propane exchange in your store makes it super easy for customers to pick up everything they need to fire up the grill and enjoy a great meal.

Every grocery store has food. But not every store has propane, sanitizing wipes, a Coinstar machine or an awesome selection of gift cards. Providing your customers with more reasons to stop by your location for these and many other services can help boost your store’s sales and profits.

Foot traffic is absolutely vital to the success of any grocery store and that’s why offering a growing number of vendor services can help you gain a competitive advance over other stores operating in your geographic area.

Get to know these four popular vendors:

Blackhawk Gift Cards: Capitalize on a host of gift card revenue opportunities! With more than 1,000 gift card partners and exclusive card products, your store can carry the best-selling gift cards for your unique market. You’ll also be able to launch gift-card promotions that can increase your store’s gift card sales.

Coinstar: With more than 21,000 kiosks worldwide, Coinstar kiosks are easy to find and use and provide consumers a variety of options to unlock the hidden financial value of their coins. Turnkey service, no capital investment, no operating costs and no maintenance fees. Best of all: 45% of the money stays in store.

Terraboost Media: Amid the pandemic, consumers expect grocers to provide cleaner facilities than ever before, because any touch-point now becomes a possible way to spread the disease. Terraboost Media ties marketing and the need for sanitizing wipes station into a simple solution. Terraboost offers a variety of dispensers for easy and convenient placement throughout the store, offering customers a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.